Zapped Of Energy
The fast and hectic pace of modern life constantly keeps us
on our toes, with so many things requiring our attention
within a limited time span.
GNC Zhi Health-Taking care of your family and loved ones
Juggling with a
hectic workload
GNC Zhi Health-Taking care of your family and loved
Burning midnight oil
to meet work or
study deadlines
 Taking care of your
family and loved ones

Taking care of your
family and loved ones
GNC Zhi Health -Travelling frequently
Travelling frequently
Completing your
household chores
Completing your
household chores
GNC Zhi Health - Encountering other
heavy demands of life

Encountering other
heavy demands of life

If the above sounds like you, read on.

GNC Zhi Health;Symptoms of low energy
If you are, you probably would have resorted to the following
countermeasures to cope with your lack of energy:
GNC Zhi Health -Coffee and tea
Coffee and tea
Energy drinks
Energy drinks
GNC Zhi Health - Sweets and chocolates

Sweets and chocolates
GNC Zhi Health - Binge-eating
Binge-eating on
high energy yet
unhealthy snacks
GNC zhi health - Frequent
smoking breaks

smoking breaks

However, these countermeasures will not
give you lasting energy!
Energise Your Body!
Here are some Tips that you can
incorporate to increase your energy levels.
GNC Zhi Health - Drink water
Drink water
Losing a mere 3% of your body weight
from water can cause you to feel lethargic.
GNC Zhi Health - No electronic devices
No electronic devices before bed
The blue light causes your brain to be
wired up and more active, making it harder
for you to fall asleep.
Change your medication
Several medicines have energy-draining effects,
causing you to be less energetic. If you start
feeling listless after a new medication, seek for
an alternative or only consume it before bed.
Exercise more
Exercising increases your blood flow, bringing
more oxygen and nutrients to your body,
resulting in increased energy.
Have a consistent sleeping and waking time
This sets your internal body clock, allowing
you to get better quality sleep and hence,
more energy throughout your day.
Healthy diet
Eat fatigue-fighting foods
Food such as chia seeds, almonds and
sweet potatoes contain energy-boosting
minerals such as iron, potassium and
magnesium to fight fatigue.
LAC Activated Zhi
Take 15 minute power naps
Power naps are effective to help you recharge,
giving a burst of alertness and increased
motor performance.
Healthy diet
Take energy-boosting supplements
Instead of temporary energy boosts, take
supplements such as Vitamin B12, Cordyceps
or Lingzhi that are more effective in providing
you energy that increases with each intake and
lasts over a longer period of time.

Introducing LAC Activated Zhi®,
your one shot solution to boost your energy,
combat mental fatigue and counteract lethargy.
LAC Activated Zhi
LAC Activated Zhi® is a proprietary Cordyceps-Lingzhi power cocktail specially formulated with 6 key ingredients.
LAC Activated Zhi
LingZhi Benefits; Enhance
LingZhi Benefits; Support
health recuperation
LingZhi Benefits; Promote healthy
blood circulation
Cordyceps sinensis
Cordyceps benefits; Improve stamina
and athletic
Cordyceps benefits; Increase work
Cordyceps benefits; Energise brain
even from
frequent travels
B-complex and Beta Carotene
B-complex and Beta Carotene benefits Boost
energy levels
B-complex and Beta Carotene benefits; Improve concentration
at tasks
B-complex and Beta Carotene benefits; Protect against
harmful free
Taurine benefits; Improve physical
and mental performance
Taurine benefits; Manage symptoms associated with
stress and anxiety
Taurine benefits; Promote healthy
blood circulation
Vitamin C benefits; Support body's
immune system
against viruses
Vitamin C benefits; Protect against
harmful free radicals
Vitamin C benefits; Reduce fatigue
Let’s compare LAC Activated Zhi®
with Energy Drinks and Coffee!

LAC Activated Zhi
Car accident
Every year, there are 100,000 auto
crashes caused by drowsy drivers

Sad pilot
20% of pilots have admitted to
making serious mistakes due
to fatigue.

Two ladies
People today sleep 20% less than
they did 100 years ago.

Angry Peron
Stress triggers our body's
natural respose system to
feel restless.

One of the main factors resulting
in insomnia is stress.

Hair loss can begin up to three
months after a stressful event.

2 men and 4 ladies
Insomnia is twice as likely to
occur in women as men.

Pie chart
40 – 60% of people over 60
suffer from Insomnia.

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