Make Your Own Yogurt


5 June 2017


Recipe: DIY Probiotic Yogurt


Takes about 16 - 20 hours for yogurt to set.  Extend by 3 – 4 hours to achieve yogurt that is more acidic and lower in lactose, if preferred.



1 litre milk — Pasteurized whole/ low-fat fresh milk (alternative: UHT whole/ low-fat can also be used)

1 sachet GNC Probiotic Complex 25 Billion Powder

NOTE: Amount of milk can be reduced to fit into size of the incubation tank.  Probiotic Complex Powder quantity remains the same.


Equipment – all to be kept clean

Incubation tank, i.e. thermal-pot (to contain all the glass jars).

1 Pot with a lid (to heat up the milk)

1 Food/beverage thermometer to test milk & water bath temperature

1 Whisk

Clean & dry glass jars (with lids) for holding 1 litre liquid (total volume of the jars)

NOTE: Yogurt maker, in place of thermal-pot, provides ease of incubation temperature maintenance



  • 1. Heat milk in the pot till 85 - 90 °C, over low to medium heat.  Whisk gently as it heats to prevent scorching the milk.
  • 2. Let the milk cool to 40 - 42 °C, with lid covered. Quicken cooling in an ice water bath and gently whisking the milk.  If milk skin forms, pull it out. 
  • 3. When milk is ready, pour in the sachet of GNC Probiotics Complex Powder and whisk well to incorporate the probiotics into the milk.
  • 4. Transfer the probiotic milk into the clean glass jars and cover with lids.
  • 5. Fill the thermal-pot with some water & heat to about 42 °C.  This serves as warm bath for yogurt incubation.
  • 6. Transfer the jars of probiotic milk into the warm bath. Level of water is best about ¾ of the jar.  Close the thermal-pot lid/s for incubation.  Avoid jostling or stirring the yogurt until it has fully set.
  • 7. When the yogurt has set, you will see clear liquid on the surface, this is whey which is a superior protein and can be left in for great nutritional value. Remove from the bath & refrigerate. Yogurt should remain good in the refrigerator for about 10 days.
  • 8. Refrigerate the yogurt for pleasant consumption.  Yogurt should remain good in the refrigerator for about 10 days.
  • 9. For another batch of probiotic yogurt, it is best to make it from scratch with a fresh sachet of GNC Probiotic Complex Powder to achieve yogurt of optimal probiotic profile.


After about 8-10 (of the total 16 – 24) hours into incubation duration, remove jars of probiotic milk from thermal-pot and re-heat the warm bath to 42 °C. Repeat step 6 to complete the incubation.
If yogurt maker is used, replace steps 5 –  6 with the equipment’s instructions.  Incubation duration varies amongst yogurt makers.


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