GNC LIVE WELL -  Valentine's Day Tips And Gifts!

Our Valentine’s Day Edition


Ah, it’s the season of love and red roses! Red roses have traditionally been a symbol of Valentine’s Day representing romantic love, but with a wide range of flowers available, here’s a handy guide to decipher the messages in your bouquet!

Red Roses: A representation of passionate love and romance.

Light Pink Roses: Light Pink roses diffuse a sense of gentleness and sweet love.

Burgundy Roses: Darker than classic red roses, Burgundy roses express intense passionate feelings and a sense of mystery.

Lavender Roses: This says, “I fell in love with you at first sight” and “I simply adore you!”

Tulips: Declaration of love. A guy might pick tulips if he is trying to get together and sending tulips might just be his way of sounding you out!

Pink Peonies: The most romantic colour of peonies; this iconic flower is prized for its lush ruffled blooms and often used in wedding floral décor. Could marriage be in the cards?

Like the most beautiful flowers, every woman deserves to be pampered and to feel beautiful at every age. Pamper the queen of your heart with LAC Taut® Collagen Mask for an intense burst of hydration and skin-friendly ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, squalene and antioxidants to leave skin feeling firm, supple and naturally radiant!

More than just receiving flowers, Valentine’s Day is about spending quality time together and activities that bring two hearts closer together. Here are some ideas for this Valentine’s Day!

Spend Quality Time At Home

Instead of the usual eat-out, why not spice things up by cooking up a storm in your kitchen? Cooking together can be a great bonding activity for couples and the best part; you’ll get to snuggle up in the privacy of your home for some quality time after a sumptuous home-cooked meal! Keep things warm and sweet with a mugful of LAC Manuka Honey while you catch up on Netflix or your favourite movie!

A Moonlight Stroll

With the constant hustle and bustle of life, it is important to take time out just to relax. After a nice meal, take your other half to places such as Henderson Wave, where you can surround yourself with lush green views with a gorgeous night sky and gentle breeze while strolling hand in hand.

When The Best Gift Is Health

When you love someone, all you wish is to share your life with your better half. What better way to express your care and love by keeping each other healthy with GNC Women’s Ultra Mega® and GNC Mega Men® Multivitamins? Scientifically formulated to meet your daily requirements of nutrients, GNC Multis contain 56 vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants and specialty nutrient blends for your optimum health!

Relax and Enjoy That Romantic Night

What comes after the romantic night… could it be a baby in the making? For couples who are planning to conceive, try not to get too stressed out, as stress could interfere with ovulation and sperm quality. LAC Activated Conceive+ for Her and for Him offers a comprehensive blend of nutrients optimized to support couple’s efforts to conceive, by ensuring the body has the necessary nutrients needed to counteract the body’s imbalances for improved reproductive health.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!




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