How does one achieve Radiant and Fairer Skin
Our skin is constantly under the mercy of many physical and
environmental forces, resulting in the exacerbation of our
skin. Example of such forces include poor lifestyle and
dietary habits,and the sun.
As we age, our skin changes and becomes more vulnerable
to damages, some of the top skin concerns include..
Top Skin Concerns & Skin Problems


Refers to Hyperpigmentation , a
condition where there are darker
patches of skin present, such as
Melasma and Acne Scars.



Term used to describe uneven
skin tone or texture , which lacks
the natural glow or radiance

Skin Problems
Skin UnderLine
Salty and processed food
enhances tissue swelling through
fluid retention. Excessive caffeine
and sugar can also cause
dull skin .
Insufficient Water intake

Your skin may be dehydrated
due to insufficient water intake.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is one of the most aggressive
compounds to damage your skin
as it can casue both dehydration
and inflammation.
Inflammation activates melanin
production, which can cause an
increase in pigmentation and scarring .
High Stress Level
High Stress Level
Stress plays a large role in the brillance
of your skin as it can increase cortisol.
This affects the blood flow to
your skin , making it look swallow.

Stress can also trigger responses that
lead to breakouts and rashes ,while
leaving you vulnerable to other
aliments such as free radical damage .
Poor Blood Circulation
Poor Blood Circulation
Poor blood circulation results
in the lack of oxygen in your
blood. This can cause skin
pigmentation ,dark spots and
blotchy complexion .
Dry Skin
Insufficient exfoliation results
in rough and dehydrated skin.
The dead skin cells need to be
sloughed away to see the fresh,
bright skin beneath it!
Lack of Sleep
Sleep is the body’s restorative time
when your skin cells repair and
regenerate. Insufficient sleep can
result in under-performance
of skin cells , causing poor blood
circulation and an increase in
Stress hormones .
Smoking depletes antioxidants in
your body, breaks down collagen
and produces more free radicals.
This not only increases the likelihood
of forming dark spots but aslo
makes your skin appear sallow, ,
waxy and wrinkled over time.
Chemical Sunscreen
While the chemical sunscreen
agents absorbed into the skin
surface may prevent sunburn, they
do so by absorbing UV rays in
sunlight and dispersing the heat
into surrounding tissue. This in turn
can stimulate melanin production and lead to hyperpigmentation .
Hormonal Changes
Taking birth control pills,
pregnancy and hormone therapy
can cause hormonal changes,
which stimulate the overproduction
of melanin
. This is one of the main
causes of melasma.

Skin UnderLine

Harmful Environmental Elements
Air pollutants, UV exposure, low humidity and harsh winds are
environmental elements that can wreak havoc on our unprotected skin.
Excessive UV exposure triggers the production of melanin , where
overproduction can cause dark sports to develop. Sunlight also
decreases our skin collagen level , , resulting in a slack, dull skin.
Reasons for Dull Skin
Our skin is prone to looking dull and listless as it lacks that radiant
glow, resulting in us looking so much older than we actually are!
how can we combat
Formulated to combat skin discolouration and dull skin,
LAC Taut® White help strengthen the skin’s natural ability
to control the formation of dark spots as well as lighten it .
LAC Taut® White is your answer to brilliant,
crystal clear, fair skin that glows from within!
Lighten Spots
Even Skin Tone
Even Skin
L- Glutathione

Plays a role in supporting the
quality and health of your skin

Protect against damages from
skin ageing

Reduce free radicals in the
body which helps brighten
skin from within

L- Glutathione;
L- Glutathione;

Grape Seed Extract Singapore

Protect cell membranes from oxidative
damage caused by free radicals

Protect skin from premature ageing

Grape Seed Extract Singapore;
Grape Seed Extract Singapore;

Olive Leaf Extract Singapore

Manage uneven pigmentation

Lighten spots

Olive Leaf Extract Singapore;
Olive Leaf Extract Singapore;

Alpha Lipoic Acid Singapore

Protect collagen against free
radical damage

Improve skin elasticity

Alpha Lipoic Acid Singapore;
Alpha Lipoic Acid Singapore;

Artichoke Leaf Extract

Manage skin inflammation

Support liver health to reveal

clear skin

Artichoke Leaf Extract;
Artichoke Leaf Extract;

Vitamin C Benefits

Manage skin inflammation

Support body's collagen level , giving

you a firmer and younger look

Vitamin C Benefits;
Vitamin C Benefits;
LAC Taut White
LAC Taut White Powder (30 Sticks)
LAC Taut White Powder (30 Sticks)
Take 1 stick daily with water or mix with your facourite
berverage. Best taken with LAC Taut® Premium Collagen
Drink for intensive skin firming and whitening benefits.
LAC Taut White
LAC Taut White
LAC Taut White

LAC Taut White Capsules
LAC Taut White Capsules
Take 2 Capsules Daily
Take 2 capsules daily after meals.
Radiant Skin
In addition to taking LAC Taut® White below are some tips
to achieve radiant skin.
Skin UnderLine

Stick to your Beauty Regime
Stick to your Beauty Regime
For both day and night- Cleanse,
Tone, and Moisturise!

Cleanse thoroughly to remove dirt,
oil and other unwanted debris

Tone to sooth, nourish and
hydrate skin

Moisturise to seal up gaps
between skin cells to present a
smooth and supple skin texture
Avoid Over Washing
Avoid over washing
Wash your face twice a day at
maximum. Over washing will
disrupt skin's oil balance, which
may trigger excessive oil
production, leading to clogged
pores and acne.
Apply Sunscreen
Apply Sunscreen
Continue to use your sunscreen after applying lightening cream as it provides extra protection
from the harmful UV rays.
Exfoliate to get rid of those dead
skin cells and stimulate growth of
new cells to achieve a radiant
complexion! Exfoliate at least once
or twice a week.
Use Tea or Grape Seed Extract
Use skincare products with green
tea or grape seed extract
Continue to use your sunscreen after applying lightening cream as it provides extra protection
from the harmful UV rays.
Avoid Using Towel to Dry your Face
Avoid using towel to dry your face
The rubbing, pulling and friction can
irritate your freshly-cleansed face.
It may also collect bacteria which
can be redistributed to skin, leading
to breakouts and irritation. Instead,
try patting your skin dry with
your fingertips.
Use Tea or Grape Seed Extract
Don't use any
unnecessary skin tool
Beware of skin tools such as oil
blotting paper, blemish extractors,
washcloths, pore strips, etc.
They can strip your skin of the
necessary oils, prompting your skin
to increase its oil production to
compensate the loss instead.
Skin UnderLine

Health Vegetables and Fruits
Eat Right!
Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and
antioxidants (e.g. blueberries and cranberries) are good for your skin.

Consuming healthy fats such as avocados and almonds
also play a vital role in maintaining a healthy, clear skin.

Reduce Alcohol and Sugar Consumption
Reduce Alcohol and Sugar Consumption
Albeit tempting and addictive, alcohol and sugar can cause
wrinkles and sagginess of your skin due to inflammation.
Also, you may potentially suffer from acne breakouts and
dehydration, making your skin look dull.

Exercise Regularly
Exercise Regularly
Exercise Regularly Exercising helps enhance blood circulation to your skin, which are
essential for nutrient absorption and removal of toxins. It gives your
skin the radiance and glow, so get moving and start exercising!

Apply Sunscreen
Limit Direct Exposure to the Sun and Apply Sunscreen
Overexposure to the sun can trigger the formation of freckles
and age spots. It can also cause dry and sunburnt skin.

Beauty Sleep
Beauty Sleep
Don’t underestimate the power of sleep! Sufficient amount of
sleep (optimally 7-8 hours) is essential to repair your skin
through growth of new cells and replacement of old ones,
helping you to look younger and healthier.

Try this if you feel
you need some
to your face and lips
Use Tea or Grape Seed Extract
Suck on an Ice Cube
Sucking on an ice cube can cause
an increase in blood circulation to
your cheeks and lips. Thus, it will
result in a plumper and more
rosy-looking skin.
did you know
Skin is the largest organ
Skin is the largest organ in our
bodies. It occupies 18.5 square feet
of our body and makes up about
16% of our body weight.

Scar Tissue
Scar tissue is different from our
normal skin. It does not have
sweat glands and hair.

Avoid Taking Long Hot Showers
Avoid taking long hot showers!
They are actually bad for your skin
as they cause skin to dry out and
become itchy.

1 in 20 Women Suffer from Acne
1 in 20 adult women suffer from
acne, whereas 1 in 100 adult men
will never have acne in their life!

What Causes Acne
Dead skin cells inside pores
create blemishes and acnes on
skin's surface.

What Causes Pimples
Touching your face after applying
hand cream may be the cause of
your breakout!

What Causes Adult Acne
Your shampoo and conditioner
may also be the cause of your
breakout, as most contains
petroleum byproducts which are
unnatural waxy ingredients that
clog your pores and prevent your
skin from breathing.

Different vitamins play different roles
in improving your skin!
Vitamin A Protects skin from sun damage
and cellulite.
Vitamin C has antioxidants properties
that provides protection and regenerates
Vitamin E.
Vitamin D reduces hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin E protects against sun damage
and ageing.

Antioxidant Food
Antioxidant-rich foods lead to fewer
wrinkles as we age (e.g. fruits &

Sun Damaged Skin
90% of skin damage is caused by
sun exposure.

UV Radiation
UV radiation is generally lower in
winter, but snow reflection can
double overall exposure, leading
to sunburn and snow blindness.

Harmful UV Rays
Sun-tanning is not healthy as it is
the result of the body’s defense
against UV damage. In fact, any
change in your skin’s natural colour
is a sign of damage to your skin!

Harmful UV Rays
After a night's sleep, your bed
sheets can accumulate an array
of dead skin, bacteria, fungus and
mites. This can cause breakouts,
skin irritations and even make
you sick.