31 March 2015 


Dear Customer,


GNC Reaches Agreement with New York Attorney
Agreement Affirms GNC Products meet all FDA Rules


We would like to update you on the matter raised last month regarding the labeling accuracy of some batches of GNC Herbal Plus supplements. GNC Holdings, Inc., owner of the GNC brand worldwide, has reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General regarding the Company's Herbal Plus® products.


The agreement affirms that the relevant GNC products meet all Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. It also highlights that GNC provided the results of rigorous tests conducted both internally and by independent third parties, which provided:

• Conclusive evidence that GNC’s products are safe, pure, properly labeled and in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.
• Further affirmation that the Company’s products contain all herbal extracts listed on their respective labels.


Still, as part of GNC’s commitment to industry leadership, GNC will expand its testing processes to provide consumers even greater confidence in all its products.


We thank you for your patience and continued trust in us while we waited for this matter to be resolved. Should you need additional information regarding this matter, please contact our Customer Relations Department at 6281 5688 or livewell@gnc.com.sg.


If you would like to see the full copy of the Press Release from GNC Holdings, Inc., click here.


Yours sincerely,
Jennifer Goh (Ms)
Group COO
GNC Singapore