GNC LIVE WELL - ONI and Imagene Labs



First of its kind partnership uses customers' own DNA genetic information to
personalise health, wellness and performance nutrition supplementation.

Singapore, 12 March 2019 - ONI Global - leading nutraceutical retailer and GNC sole franchisee in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines - today announced its partnership with Singapore-based personalised genetics company Imagene Labs . For the first time in Asia, a nutrition supplements brand will provide customised and targeted wellness products according to a customer's individual DNA variations.

Through ONI Global’s DNA-me™ genetic test powered by Imagene Labs, customers will be able to gain insights into over 30 of their own unique fitness, nutrition and skin genetic make-up. This includes their potential to build lean muscle, lose weight, their specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and even their skin's genetic UV damage risk. The journey of self-discovery into these insights begins with a simple gene test using non-invasive cheek swab - no needles, no blood, no pain. The gene sample is analysed at Imagene Labs' licensed and accredited testing facility in Singapore. Imagene Labs' proprietary bioinformatics analyses specific gene locations related to how a person responds to diet, exercise and environmental factors, as well as their potential food sensitivities and tendencies for nutrient deficiencies. Customers will receive within 2 weeks, a comprehensive, personalised report of their gene results with an easy to understand and action plan to manage their health.

With a highly personalised guide of a complete list of recommendations, products are curated according to an individual’s unique personal genetic needs. Customers save time and efforts to 'hunt’ for the right products. Users of DNA-me™ test can also expect to enhance their health, well-being, weight management, athletic performance, energy and skin health when they use the recommendations in their report.

ONI Global CEO Cynthia Poa shares, "We have always established ourselves at the forefront of health and nutrition supplementation by understanding first our customers' needs and offering them the required products that best fill the gaps in their diet. By leveraging on the genetic information derived from a customer's DNAme ™ test, our customer-centric quest has just taken another step forward as we become even more scientific and precise in addressing individual needs.”

Imagene Labs Founder and Managing Director Dr. Wong Mun Yew shares, "We're excited to be partnering with ONI Global, the GNC sole franchisee for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Philippines and brand owners of LAC and Xndo, and working with their exceptional team to offer personalised wellness to their customers. We’re seeing an increasing demand for product personalisation from both consumers and businesses as people become more aware of how our DNA makes each of us unique. By democratising the use of genetic insights, we enable consumers to take better control of their personal health and wellness. The biggest advantage genetic testing offers is that not only does it serve an individual's existing needs, but also allows one to understand potential risk areas and manage them in advance. This is preventive health in action."

DNA-me™ genetic tests will be available at all GNC retail and e-commerce stores in Singapore by 2nd quarter in 2019. Launch dates for other markets will be announced subsequently.

Media contacts
ONI Global
Evelyn Teo
Group Head, Marketing & Digital

Imagene Labs
Reza Harith
Marketing & Communications Manager

About DNA-me™ genetic test
32 DNA-me™ Insights:

1. Endurance Potential
2. Potential for Lean
Body Mass
3. Difficulty in Losing Weight
4. Aversion to Exercise
5. Potential for Obesity
6. Slow Metabolism
7. Muscle Damage Risk
8. Stress Fracture Risk
1. Vitamin A Deficiency
2. Vitamin B1 Deficiency
3. Vitamin B2 Deficiency
4. Vitamin B3 Deficiency
5. Vitamin B5 Deficiency
6. Vitamin B6 Deficiency
7. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
8. Vitamin C Deficiency
9. Vitamin D Deficiency
10. Vitamin E Deficiency
11. Calcium Deficiency
12. CoQ10 Deficiency
13. Iron Deficiency
14. Magnesium Deficiency
15. Selenium Deficiency
16. Zinc Deficiency
17. Low Carb Diet Effectiveness
18. Low Fat Diet Effectiveness
19. Impaired Satiety
1. Antioxidant Deficiency
2. Premature Collagen Breakdown
3. Skin Dryness
4. UV Damage Potential
5. Sun Sensitivity

Retail price: S$350

About ONI Global
ONI Global Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, is one of Asia's largest specialty retailer of nutritional products, vitamin, mineral, herbal and other specialty supplements and sports nutrition, diet and energy products.

Established at the forefront of health and food supplementation, we understand our customers’ needs and seek to offer the exact products to supplement and fill in the gaps in their nutritional diet.

The Company owns LAC brand that is distributed globally including China, Asia Pacific, USA, Middle East, Mexico, and is the sole franchisee for GNC in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan and operates over 200 retail stores spanning these countries. Its other subsidiaries include Xndo Food for Health and Face On Clinic by Doctors. The Company is dedicated to ensuring consumers Live Well.

ONI Global is a subsidiary of V3 group that also owns two leading luxury brands – OSIM and TWG Tea and Futuristic, a specialist fixtures company.

About Imagene Labs
Imagene Labs provides DNA genetic testing for companies, besides personalised and customized health & wellness products and solutions based scientifically on genetics. Its full suite of products and services include an extended menu of genetic tests, personalised and customised skin care and nutritional products, wellness and lifestyle recommendations, and mobile health apps. Launched in September 2016, the company has extensive footprint in Asia Pacific markets including Singapore (where it is headquartered), Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and Japan.

Led by medical doctors and genetic researchers, Imagene Labs has its own worldclass genetic testing facility licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Health, accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and ISO 17025:2007 certified. This facility is also the first in Asia-Pacific and the third in the world to be inducted into the Illumina® Propel™ Certification Program.