GNC LIVE WELL -  Chew On Your Favourite Multis!

Feeling peckish? Reach out for GNC’s new range of health-some chews that not only taste good but pack a punch in delivering wholesome nutrients that your body will thank you for! Say goodbye to empty, unhealthy snack calories and say hello to these delicious and nutritious chews!

Chew On Your Favourite Multis!

That’s right! Your favourite Multivitamins for Him and Her are now available in individually wrapped yummy soft chews!

GNC MEGA MEN® Soft Chew Multivitamin in tangy fruit punch flavour – An easy and fuss-free way to bridge nutritional gaps, strengthen immunity and boost energy levels! GNC MEGA MEN® Soft Chew Multivitamin is also formulated with amino acid blend and men’s prostate health support blend for comprehensive nutritional support.

GNC WOMEN'S ULTRA MEGA® Soft Chew Multivitamin in mixed berry flavour – Ladies, you’ll love these berry-licious soft chews! Keep them handy in your bag to top up on essential vitamins & minerals you need throughout the day! The best part? Each chew also contains a special beauty blend containing hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid to complement your daily beauty routine!

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Energy Booster

Say yums to these delicious chocolate chip cookie dough Vitamin B-12 soft chews! The only problem is having to stop yourself from popping more of these yummy babies! Our body needs Vitamin B-12 to convert what we eat into glucose, which fuels our energy levels. Skip the mid-day lethargy and energize your day with GNC Vitamin B-12 soft chews!

Love Your Gut

Get your daily dose of probiotics in GNC Probiotic Soft Chew with Fibre in mixed berry flavour! Each soft chew provides 5 billion Bacillus coagulans1, a probiotic strain that can withstand strong stomach acids, making it effective for relieving stomach distress.

The soluble + insoluble + prebiotic fibre content in each chew also helps promote friendly bacterial growth for better digestion. Every probiotic product from GNC bears the Potency Guarantee mark that guarantees the number of live cultures as per indicated when consumed by the expiry date.

To find out more about the comprehensive range of probiotics supplements available at GNC, read here.

Finally, Chewable Apple Cider!

Yes, you read that right. All the benefits of apple cider now in a convenient and delectable soft chew! Apple cider vinegar has long been lauded for its healthful properties in supporting healthy sugar levels and being a helpful aide in weight management. If you don’t have a soft spot for drinking apple cider vinegar, you’ll appreciate these honey lemon flavoured GNC Earth Genius™ Apple Cider Vinegar Soft Chews that provide 4000mg of Apple Cider Vinegar powder in 3 soft chews.

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