5 Tips to Slay Festive Eating

It’s almost Christmas time, Christmas festivities are under way and dinner celebrations all planned out. As much as festive food is an indulgence, it can also be tough on the digestive system. Fret not, here are 5 tips to slay that festive eating and beat that festive belly bloat.


Tip 1 | Eat Slowly


A commonly forgotten fact is that digestion starts from your mouth. Your mouth has salivary glands that produce enzymes to break down food molecules and prepare them for further digestion in the stomach. By eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly, you increase the surface area for enzymes to break down food for proper digestion.


Tip 2 | Eat Sparingly


You might only see the Christmas festive spread once a year but that is not reason to gorge. The more you cram in one seating, the more pressure there is on your stomach muscles to keep the digested food where it belongs. Your body takes about 20 minutes to realise it is full so eat slowly, take breaks in between meals and most importantly enjoy the festive atmosphere.


Tip 3 | Watch What You Consume


Besides eating more than you normally would, the festive spread also contains certain ingredients that your body struggles to digest when consumed in larger quantities. Alcohol, soft drinks and seasonal treats such as fruit cakes for one are high in sugar content, which cause gas-producing fermentation in the stomach. Too much meat can also be toxic to your gut, causing that bloated feeling. Taking note of what you eat increases your awareness of how much you consuming and help spot specific food that might trigger indigestion.


Tip 4 | Walk Around After Dinner


It is definitely very tempting to plop yourself in front of the television to catch the Christmas hallmark movies after eating. However sitting down after a huge meal is the worst thing you can do for your digestion. Stand up and go for a short walk. The fresh air can perk you up and the exercise can aid digestion.


Tip 5 | Wear Loose Fitting Clothes


Wearing tight fitting clothes and accessories can put pressure on the stomach and trigger acid reflux. Acid reflux is where your stomach acid is pushed back towards the esophagus, which can cause a burning sensation called heartburn. Wearing loose fitting clothes ensures that your stomach has ample space to expand after a huge meal.


Overeating can lead to an imbalance of gut flora and cause tummy problems. Beat festive belly bloat with GNC’s wide range of Probiotic supplements.


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