Believe it or not, we’re just 12 days away from Christmas! No need to panic. We’ve got 5 awesome tips on how to multi-task like a ninja and pull through this hectic season.

Use Google calendar

Tip #1

Use Google calendar for all your events, shopping lists and reminders – have everything accessible in your hand.

 Christmas shopping

Tip #2

Do your Christmas shopping early to avoid the crowd, or consider getting most of it done online.

 regular meals

Tip #3

Have regular meals no matter how busy you are, because your physical condition affects how you work. No time? Try snack bars in between meals.

Christmas party

Tip #4

Having a Christmas party? Use Facebook Events to keep track of who’s coming and who’s not (plus you can send as many reminders as you need).

spice up the house

Tip #5

Want to spice up the house with festive décor without breaking the bank? There’s always the option to DIY.

Need an extra boost to keep going throughout Dec? Here’s some help:

Got lots to do and feeling drained? Keep energy levels up with Vitamin B and keep moving.

Your liver could use some support with all the festive eating and drinking.

Is the year-end stress from clearing payroll to planning your guest list keeping you up? Try supporting restful sleep with a natural solution.

Dec is arguably the worst time to fall sick. Keep your immune system strong with this powerful antioxidant.

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