LAC StemC® (30 softgels)

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LAC StemC® (30 softgels)
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LAC StemC® 30 (softgels)

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• Completely developed and manufactured in Japan, LAC StemC® is an incomparable cellular rejuvenating supplement!

• LAC StemC® is derived from only the placenta of highly-acclaimed, pure, thoroughbred horses which are raised in Hokkaido under the most stringent quality standards and inhabiting only the most favorable environment. Placenta from thoroughbred horses is very rare and is very limited in supply.

• Placenta originated from thoroughbred horses are rich in nutrients and growth factors that helps rejuvenate ageing cells and damaged tissues.

• LAC StemC® is for anyone experiencing signs of ageing, quick physical exhaustion and loss of vitality.

- Regenerates body cells and tissues
- Revitalizes the renewal system
- Activates metabolism
- Elevates stamina and energy levels
- Boosts mental alertness
- Enhances blood circulation
- Improves skin elasticity 

• LAC StemC® is the most powerful cellular rejuvenating supplement for the improvement of your life quality.
Product Info

Additional Information

Product Info
Take one capsule daily, preferably before breakfast.


Supplement Facts:  
Serving Size:   1 softgel


Ingredients:       Amount Per Serving
Thoroughbred Placenta Extract 400 mg
Squalene     300 mg
Grape Seed Oil      282 mg

Other Ingredients:

Bees Wax, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester

Source of gelatin: Bovine


Other information:

Source of gelatin: Bovine


Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Manufactured in Japan


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